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What are some of the challenges in your worship team?
Move Beyond the Music

Do they attend all rehearsals? Do they know their music? Can they play well together? Can they lead confidently?You may not realize, but you are not alone. 90% of all churches in America struggle with these common issues.So how do you help your team get to the top 10%?In our Worship Team Training Workshops we work with hundreds of worship teams and leaders. Each of them have their own challenges.We bring them through a curriculum that enables them to focus on pertinent issues that are relevant to their worship leading.

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At Your Church
Friday and Saturday

It’s just an instructor like Branon Dempsey, Tony Guerrero and others, that work privately one-to-one with the worship team.</p><p>Additionally we custom build the workshop to look just like you – not a professional or celeb glamour show. We help you design a weekend that will explore, address and help resolve the challenges that your team encounters weekly. Here’s a listing of some of our topics…

Not Practice Time

The better you are prepared as a musician and singer, the more your team will benefit. Remember this, you are team members – not individuals waiting to try out your solo.</p><p>You are a band: of brothers and sisters to help lead the family of God in worship. Value each other’s time by preparing and being ready – not being late and being unorganized.Each of us should do our part. Take responsibility. If you are slated to do a song, do your part by practicing.

Knowing Music Better

Lack of team work is an overall distraction to the church / hindering the singing. Ever been in a conversation with someone while they are looking through their newsfeed and not at you
When your worship band plays out of sync with each other, it feels the same way. 

Everyone is in their own world, and yet, not on the same planet with the team. This disconnectedness is also what the church feels during worship – that you’re not there. Be one with the music, one with your team and one with the church. “I will sing and make music.” – Psalm 57.7

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What’s Inside a Workshop?

We come to you & teach

Worship Foundations  Music Studies  Band Hands-On 
Training  Vocal Instruction  Worship Leading Coaching