Go back to zero to be your true self.

“The Worship Team Training Method”


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Welcome to the first edition of “The Worship Team Training Method!”


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“Go back to zero to be your true self.”

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The number of people who like your post does not determine your identity. Just as the same way that those who sing with you in worship qualifies your self-worth or title.

Today’s newsletter/article is the first of many editions called: The Worship Team Training Method. It is a unique set of lessons learned that taught me honesty, humility and the handrails of ministry. They feature perspectives of leadership, spiritual development and music/professional discovery, as I regularly share these concepts in my local church and online workshops. Each week here, I will be sharing snap-shot sessions covering a variety of topics. I pass them on to you to digest for your ministry and to be shared to your teams.

What’s your identity?

Regardless if you are on the platform or not, you are still a worshiper first, then a leader. God’s called you to Himself as he created you to be. Aside from being a minister, leader on the worship team, there is more to your identity than what you realize. 

What if you lost all of your followers on socials and had to start over – every day? How would you feel?

God did not make you to have to largest platform online, whether it be your music, videos, preaching, etc. Rather, He created you to serve Him on His platform. Neither, has he has not created you to be someone else. How he made you is specifically for giving Him worship, serving Him by his gifts, and to honor Him by the life you live – abundantly. But that’s it: abundantly. This kind of abundant life only comes from Jesus. It has no place for others to hit a like button or to leave a comment. Why? Because what others may think of your life really doesn’t matter. What does matter? How you live your life to God in reflection to people. We are to do good – shamelessly and unselfishly. Your identity is found in Christ. No matter your background, cracks in your history, from fractures to failures, the beauty of who you are is God revealing himself through you. Regularly, I debrief more on this topic that can be found on our podcasts: https://itun.es/i6hn93s

Secondly to our topic, God designed you for His desire for ministry. Lead where He calls you to be right where you are – not where you want to be. Where you want to be may sound great, but you miss the blessings of how God is shaping you now. The polishing He is doing in your life is not for yourself – it’s for those you are called to minister. That’s right! Everything about you and who you are is for other people. So all the imperfections, the blemishes to the brilliance, God uses you as a light to shine.

When I first began worship ministry, I firmly believed that my first calling was to be a worship leader. I later realized that being a “worship leader” was just a title, just a name, just a category. Do I need to chase carrots all my life to justify who I am for others to approve my calling? No. God qualifies the called, not called the qualified. But when you cling to titles and to the comments of others, you will always be measure yourself to their standards. Reality is that you are always be graded by others, but it doesn’t mean that you live on somebody’s scoreboard. If your getting paid by a church there is a whole other article (DM me if you want to learn more).

Serving on the worship team brings a sense of service, joy and even belonging. There’s nothing like singing/playing with your team when all the worship and music connects. It can be a powerful moment as it also reinforces the feelings of purpose. 

But where’s your sense of connectedness in the times when you’re not leading worship or not on the week’s team rotation? In those times when you feeling undeserving about your position on the team, or uneasy when you’re not on the platform, be reminded of your identity of who you are in Christ and not in what you do for Christ. God works his ministry through you to impact other people. You are worth to God, and he has enlisted you to serve not based on your own merit, but by His grace. 

SO what is the WTT Method / North Star Moment? The more that you embrace truth, the more you are able to live abundantly and truthfully. Don’t chase after the high numbers, be low and each day start from zero.

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“Go back to zero to be your true self.”

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