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What People Are Saying 

About Worship Team Training

“Inspirational, common sense filled and with a clear focus on what matters, Worship Team Training workshops will help equip you and your team for practical skills and spiritual growth.”
~ Tony Guerrero / Producer, Writer, Instructor

“Worship teams need this kind of intentional attention. Branon’s work with a praise band gives them the tools they need and the sensitivity to blend and work together in a balanced way. It’s not often you get someone who is this clear in their objectives and then gives exactly what is promised.”
~ Don Fellers / Worship Pastor, WTT Attendee

“Worship Team Training and PowerWorkshops  brings the best out of church leaders and will benefit your ministry.”
~ Rick Muchow / Pastor, Worship Coach, Author

“We’ve had the pleasure of Worship Team Training and Branon Dempsey at our church for the past 5 years!  Our trainings are informative, challenging and FUN!!”
~ Donna Kelly / Worship Leader, WTT Attendee
“I’ve seen Worship Team Training’s guidance up close  and believe it’s one of the best investments any worship ministry, leadership team, or pastoral staff can make for the general health of their church!”
~ Matthew Sprankles Peterson / Worship Creative Arts Leader

“Branon Dempsey is the real deal. He brings a  meaningful, humorous and biblical ministry to the table of worship leadership development.”
~ Joel Engle / Worship Leader, Producer, Pastor

“Our team put it in to practice this morning and, WOW!  What a difference! Personally, the realization that what we do is not a performance but an act of worship. It was a real moment of change.”
~ Randy Bright / Bass Player, WTT Attendee

“Worship Team Training combines practical experience with Biblical wisdom in a way that encourages worship teams and leaders to excellence in leadership, practice and relationships.”
~ Holland Davis / Worship Leader, Writer, Pastor
“WTT helps nurture your gift is for His glory and praise.  They truly blessed my walk as a vocalist, facilitating worship and glorifying our Lord!”
~ Rachael Teale / Vocalist WTT Attendee

“Worship Team Training had a great sense for what the team needed and demonstrated a keen skill set that lead us to a higher level of effectiveness as worship leaders.”
~ Martin Trussell / Guitar Player WTT Attendee

“Branon has a heart for developing worship ministries  that facilitate God-centered and excellent worship to help develop teams to be all they can be.”
~ Rick Eubanks / Worship Leader

“Branon not only has a heart for the Lord but also for quality and enthusiasm of music  for singing and participating in worship; he will help you unlock the potential of your team!”
~ Gary Dixon / Northwest Ministry Network
“Worship Team Training is a valuable and needed ministry  led by godly people who are being used in powerful ways! Any and all believers, whether they are singers or musicians should check WTT out!”
~ John Telman / Senoir Pastor

“Branon Dempsey has developed an awesome program to teach and equip your Worship Team  to lead with their very best and truly with the heart. Looking to grow? WTT is a smart call to make!”
~ Jennifer Lain / Worship Leader

Branon is an energetic, experienced worship leader with many abilities to share, including song writing and arranging. His heart for God matches his skill and desire to serve and equip teams and leaders to more effectively experience
whole-hearted worship in the local church.
~ Jamie Harvill / Worship Leader, Author, Instructor

“WTT’s Power Workshop allows entire church teams to truly benefit from a worship conference  without the high cost of travel and conference expense. Even better, your team will see immediate results from what’s taught.”
~ John Chisum / Worship Leader, Author, Producer, Pastor